What is Resourceful-transformative coaching?

RT coaching is a special coaching approach focused on the process of re-engaging available personal resources, building them up and transforming the dynamic of their management.

In other words, you will engage your strengths in a differently structured, re-organized way while using every available external and internal resource that stimulates your growth and goal achievement.

RT coaching is eclectic, super analytical, and it has a strong background in Andragogy! You will most likely at some point during the sessions deal with the question “Is there something new that I need to learn to make this work?”

RT coaching also uses NLP techniques, CBT, Art, Sound and Colour Therapy, a bit of meditation as well as customized coaching techniques.

If you really think about what makes us who we are, you’ll probably come to conclusion that each and every person is a very special “mixture” of given life circumstances, results of conscious and unconscious activities, some biological and physiological characteristics and environment. Some things we can not change, but some we DO!