Whether you’re already on your “right” path of life, or you’re just trying to figure out where you should be heading to, life coaching is great way to break through everyday inner obstacles and clear the path in your mind and perception.

The truth is, there are MANY talented people around the world. Their creative expressions are quite often, to say the least, AMAZING! However, NOT even a small percentage of these people achieve anything GREAT in their life! So why is that? And what do you REALLY consider great?

Well, let me tell you about myself. My name is Joanna Saric, and I am a life coach for achievement oriented people. For many years I’ve been surrounded with many highly talented people. Most of them were artists, particularly musicians as I was working as a vocalist. Throughout the years I had an opportunity to watch closely and analyze the key factors and mechanisms that were responsible for, let’s call that “dulling the cutting edge” of Achievement Motivation. My educational background is in adult education and I also have a Masters degree in Andragogy, therefore my approach quite often emphasize the processes of learning but there’s more than that in this story. The type of coaching that I provide supports highly passionate individuals who tend to achieve SO MUCH MORE than what appears that their life goals should be, and who don’t get satisfied with just “Average Joe” life style.

So, it’s the ACHIEVEMENT that interests me!

Every coaching situation is unique. Every person has a specific set of circumstances, the strengths and the weaknesses. It’s the clarity that makes us go!